Your Goals, Your Journey: Custom Personal Training Programs for Every Body

Ever dreamed of a fitness and nutrition program crafted just for you? At Transitional Health and Fitness (THF), we shatter the mould of generic, cookie-cutter fitness programs. Here, every program you do with us is completely customised to your goals, abilities and body type.


Rachel Bourke
Rachel Bourke
As an ex-PT I had high expectations of Jimmy and I must say, my expectations have been met and I have been very impressed. Jimmy cares deeply about my success and has a wealth of knowledge that keeps the training sessions fun, effective and interesting. No two sessions are ever the same and dealing with my injuries is done with ease. Jimmy and Kylie live and breath health and fitness and are both role models of excellence. Their dedication and passion is inspirational.
Scott Redmond
Scott Redmond
As a middle-aged man who had consciously steered clear of any form of physical activity or fitness for the better part of the past 25 years, meeting Jimmy marked a significant turning point in my journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Jimmy met me at precisely the point I was in my fitness odyssey, addressing my anxieties concerning my heart health, which had long been neglected. His approach was marked by compassion, expertise, competence, and an unwavering passion to guide me towards becoming the finest version of myself. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jimmy for his invaluable assistance and support on this transformative path.
Nicolle Whitaker
Nicolle Whitaker
My teen daughters and I are training each week with Kylie, we love our sessions together. Kylie makes it so easy for us taking all the guess work out of our fitness training. It's challenging and we feel each week we are getting stronger. I trained with Jimmy too prior to covid and highly recommend them both. It's a lovely family owned business. 😊
Amy Kate
Amy Kate
My partner and I have been training with Jimmy for a few months now and although I originally came for the mental health benefits, I feel stronger, fitter and am finding work much easier physically. Jimmy's also been great working with my partner and his knee issues. Nice private studio, would recommend 👍
Jilly Pilon
Jilly Pilon
Having never had a PT before, I’m loving my sessions with Kylie. Not only is she inspiring with her own achievements, Kylie is extremely experienced and has a very caring nature. She knows the exact amount of training required. The Transitional Health and Fitness studio is a great place to go and workout. One of their amazing smoothies afterwards is awesome too. Highly recommend Kylie’s services. Jimmy has also been bringing the tunes, fun and fitness, whipping 7 of our staff into shape. It’s perfect for team building and everyone looks forward to it each week.
Geoff Farrell
Geoff Farrell
If you are wanting a PT that takes the time to listen to your needs, goals, fitness levels and any prior injuries/problem areas and works with you constantly, not just while you are doing your workout then look no further than Jimmy and Kylie at THF! They offer such a great range of not just fitness but health and well-being services - Highly Recommend!
Kim Pond
Kim Pond
I have been working with Jimmy for about 6 weeks now and I find he is a great motivator, makes training fun and is always happy. Jimmy makes training enjoyable and gives you hope that you can ultimately reach your goals. I would recommend to anyone who would like to improve their health. Great Studio, very private.
Kirt Kay
Kirt Kay
A+ personal training. As someone who feels intimidated by gyms etc, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Transitional Health and Fitness. Jimmy is respectful and kind while pushing me to meet my goals. Highly recommend
Emily Marshall
Emily Marshall
I cannot recommend Kylie & Jimmy enough. The studio is such an amazing space to train and they both are the best in the business. I have never been this happy to workout I love my sessions. I have seen results in just a month, I am so happy. They are so motivating and have really lit back up my self confidence. THF is the best!!!
Greg O'Rourke
Greg O'Rourke
Jimmy is an inspirational expert personal trainer and I have seen a rapid improvement in my fitness and strength over the past 2 months since beginning workout sessions at Transitional Health and Fitness. Jimmy has been careful with a chronic back injury I have had for many years and is sensitive in giving workout routines based on what my body can cope with - and the great news is my back has been getting better and better with each week of training - which is a huge relief! I highly recommend Transitional Health and Fitness to anyone looking for professional and high quality personal trainers on the Central Coast.

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  • Solo Odyssey: Dive deep with our 1-on-1 training, enhanced with THF’s VIP app.
  • Group Dynamics: Revel in the spirit of group motivation. Opt for mobile corporate sessions for fitness on the go.
  • Duo Power-Up: Team up with a partner or pal. Double the fun, double the motivation!
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Decades of collective experience make us Central Coast’s premiere fitness experts. Come train at our non-judgmental studio where your aspirations breathe. Expect a carefully tailored program that aligns with your goals and abilities. We track, tweak, and fine-tune your program as you progress.

Feel the change. Touch your dream. Transform your mind, body and health FOREVER.

Our Success Trinity


  • Think about the goals you want to accomplish
  • Visualise success
  • Engage in healthy mental practices


  • Trust that you know yourself best
  • Believe in the power of your own motivation
  • Know you can do anything you put enough effort into


  • Listen to your body; never push yourself beyond your capabilities
  • Breathe, stretch, and allow plenty of time to recover
  • Stay hydrated

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