Highly recommend this amazing small family to help get you or anyone motivated. Nutrition and fitness is their passion – 9 years running and still going strong. So so much knowledge too. I found Kylie on Instagram and built up the courage to message her. Her Instagram is full of motivation and a strong drive to achieve goals. I’m beyond happy that I did send her a message. This is what I needed before I got any bigger!

Leah S
Love training with Kylie. Especially happy with the offer to move to online training during Covid – worked really well. Highly recommend.

Been working with Jimmy now for almost a month. Loving the intensity of the workouts, even remotely during Covid-19 – no slacking! Seeing great strength gains already and we’ve only just started. Would definitely recommend. The remote training has not hampered us in any way (provided you have some essential home gym pieces).

After struggling with my weight for years and trying different options, including a few gyms, a chance encounter with Jimmy Haskell and Transitional Health and Fitness changed all that. A rigorous and disciplined training regime aimed at weight loss and abs strengthening, and introducing me to the Isagenix program soon yielded results, from 88kgs to 76kg in 6 months and a six-pack for the first time at age 64. The follow up program to maintain these results shows the commitement of THF to your success. I can highly recommend anyone looking at improving their health, fitness and general well-being, contact Transitional Health and Fitness for an introductory chat with Jimmy and Kylie Haskell.

Best personal trainers period. Jimmy and Kylie have an infectious positive attitude and practice what they preach. Every time I go there I feel great and even greater afterwards. Can’t recommend them enough. Seriously.

I set myself a goal to loose 12kg in ‘100 days of fitness’. After my regular personal trainer had to go away I recruited Jimmy to help me meet my goal for the final 40 days of my challenge. Jimmy has been an excellent choice. His motivation can not help but rub off on you and if you have a specific goal he goes out of his way to help make sure you meet it. Having previously only utilised hour long PT sessions I was sceptical of what could be achieved in 30 minutes. This was ill founded. Jimmy’s 30 minute training sessions are challenging, rewarding, well structured and enjoyable. His attention to detail in ensuring variety, correct form and technique is great, as well as his genuine desire to impart further diet and training tips advice over a coffee. I’m grateful for Jimmy being part of my personal 100 day challenge, and whilst that goal is now met I will be continuing to use Jimmy’s services to make sure my next goals are achieved with equal efficiency.

As a hard working professional in the medical field it can be easy to ignore your own health while devoting your time to helping others. Thankfully I made the decision to enlist Jimmy as a personal trainer and it’s been the best decision I ever made. While I manage the rest of my life and go about my usual routine, Jimmy has been able to effectively construct a tailored training regime specific to my needs, so now I am safe in the knowledge that my own health is being looked after by a trained and certified professional. He is extremely flexible when it comes to appointments so even the busiest of individuals should be able to arrange suitable sessions that are convenient no matter what their vocation or working hours. His training sessions are fun, varied and targeted to your needs so you should find yourself reaching your goals in no time while setting new goals for yourself that you didn’t even think was possible. The highly intensive and optimized training methods he uses means that barely any of your precious time is used up while delivering results that far outweigh anything you would be able to achieve spending futile hours at the gym on your own. Jimmy has a natural way of relating to people that instantly puts them at ease no matter which walk of life you’re from, so he’s a great choice for any company that’s looking for a trainer for their staff or corporate clients while at the same time being perfect for individual private clients that want a better quality of life. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, get toned or lose weight, he has the skills and expertise to get you where you want to go in your personal fitness journey. His advice regarding diet, nutrition, supplements and health tips are invaluable.  I cannot recommend him highly enough as he’s already done wonders for my own sense of wellbeing and confidence and I know he’ll continue the good work with anyone else that’s lucky enough to train with him.

For a while now I have been seeing Kylie Haskell for help in gaining muscle and weight and improving my health and fitness. For so long I was trying myself with so many different ways to do all this and I just felt like I was getting nowhere. Since seeing Kylie I have put on weight in muscle and have done things I didn’t even think I could do. Kylie has the right amount of motivation, experienced training and on top of that is always finding better ways to help out with my individual training. I have noticed such a difference when I look in the mirror and I thank her for that every session I see her. Also I’m very proud of my most recent achievement completing the City2Surf 2014 this year.a massive Thank you Kylie.

Jimmy is a great trainer and a great person that knows all about training. Its not only the training side, he takes a lot of pride in the healthy food that he recommends to us for a healthy life style. If you want a personal trainer with all the quality’s and experience call Transitional Health & Fitness you won’t be disappointed. 100/ 100 Thanks Jimmy

Jimmy and Kylie are 2 of the most caring down to earth people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Weight was a big issue for me and also the back pain and Sciatica pain I was suffering only 3 short months ago; I thought that this was the way my life was going to pan out but I realised we all have the ability to transform our lives through their help and motivation. My back pain and Sciatica pain has now completely diminished!! Not only that but I’m on track to finally being happy with who I am and gaining my self esteem back which was buried for a long time… The best and most genuine personal trainers I have ever engaged with and the nutritional plans they recommend are incredibly easy to follow and very rewarding. They take pure pride in helping people achieve their goals! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for my health and fitness goals 🙂 thank you both!!!

I have been training with Jimmy and Kylie for three months now and would not have been able to achieve the results I have without her training and motivation. In only three months I’ve dropped two dress sizes and lost 10cms off my hips alone! The best part though is that I feel much healthier, fitter and stronger and much more confident in myself! Jimmy and Kylie’s classes are tailored so that beginners and advanced alike can be pushed to their limits. There’s plenty of variety and each day the workouts are focusing of different muscle groups. I’ve had personal trainers in the past but have never had results like I have. So happy to be enjoying working out again! 

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