As a hard working professional in the medical field it can be easy to ignore your own health while devoting your time to helping others. Thankfully I made the decision to enlist Jimmy as a personal trainer and it’s been the best decision I ever made. While I manage the rest of my life and go about my usual routine, Jimmy has been able to effectively construct a tailored training regime specific to my needs, so now I am safe in the knowledge that my own health is being looked after by a trained and certified professional. He is extremely flexible when it comes to appointments so even the busiest of individuals should be able to arrange suitable sessions that are convenient no matter what their vocation or working hours. His training sessions are fun, varied and targeted to your needs so you should find yourself reaching your goals in no time while setting new goals for yourself that you didn’t even think was possible. The highly intensive and optimized training methods he uses means that barely any of your precious time is used up while delivering results that far outweigh anything you would be able to achieve spending futile hours at the gym on your own. Jimmy has a natural way of relating to people that instantly puts them at ease no matter which walk of life you’re from, so he’s a great choice for any company that’s looking for a trainer for their staff or corporate clients while at the same time being perfect for individual private clients that want a better quality of life. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, get toned or lose weight, he has the skills and expertise to get you where you want to go in your personal fitness journey. His advice regarding diet, nutrition, supplements and health tips are invaluable.  I cannot recommend him highly enough as he’s already done wonders for my own sense of wellbeing and confidence and I know he’ll continue the good work with anyone else that’s lucky enough to train with him.



13 Nov, 2015