I set myself a goal to loose 12kg in ‘100 days of fitness’. After my regular personal trainer had to go away I recruited Jimmy to help me meet my goal for the final 40 days of my challenge. Jimmy has been an excellent choice. His motivation can not help but rub off on you and if you have a specific goal he goes out of his way to help make sure you meet it. Having previously only utilised hour long PT sessions I was sceptical of what could be achieved in 30 minutes. This was ill founded. Jimmy’s 30 minute training sessions are challenging, rewarding, well structured and enjoyable. His attention to detail in ensuring variety, correct form and technique is great, as well as his genuine desire to impart further diet and training tips advice over a coffee. I’m grateful for Jimmy being part of my personal 100 day challenge, and whilst that goal is now met I will be continuing to use Jimmy’s services to make sure my next goals are achieved with equal efficiency.



12 Nov, 2015